After a long and successful career teaching French and selling Real Estate, I discovered painting and it quickly became a passion. For me, the process of turning a blank canvas into something beautiful and exciting is a magical activity.

My paintings are representational but not realistic. They are about starting with a photograph and creating a painting that radiates from the page that conveys the feelings and the spirit or essence of my subjects.  I love painting unusual animals such as ostriches lemurs. blue footed boobies, birds of paradise, as well as expressive dogs like my King Charles Cavalier Billy. I am drawn to out of the ordinary people or scenes, to the reflections of store windows and to people in motion, whether dancing or on horses. For me, color is key. My art has been called poetic and lyrical and I’ve been told that my animals seem to smile.

My art has been exhibited at Emerge Gallery in Saugerties, Byrdcliffe in Woodstock, ASK in Kingston and in several stores in Saugerties. Last fall, I had a Solo Show at the Sawyer Savings Bank in Saugerties. I also exhibit at the West Side Arts Coalition in Manhattan.

Aside from painting, my other favorite activities are gardening and decorating which in their own way allow me to play with colors and shapes.